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    • NEW RULES ADDED  13 You can change your name in our forum Twice ( more than 2 your request will be denied )
    • NEW RULE ADDED! XVI- Admins can't kick afk players if the server isn't full (  transfer them to spec  )
    • Server Rules *No Hacking / Scripting Players are not allowed to use any kind of Script [BH] or Cheats [Wallhack,Aimbot,Speedhack....etc]. This will lead to a permanent ban! *No Racism Racism is strictly disallowed in our servers such racist names, insulting someone's religion. Everyone is welcomed [black/white people, arabic/asiatique/english people...ect]. You must respect other players religions/countries otherwise you will be gagged. *No Ghosting If a player is killed and he's spectating, he cannot use his microphone/chat/steam/admin-chat to inform another player/friend/admin were exactly other players are. Breaking this rule will lead to a serious punishment! *No Advertising Players are not allowed to advertise other communities website/server IP's. Including their names/chat/microphone. This will lead to a warn and permanent ban if needed! *No spamming chat/mic Do not spamm/flood servers chat (say, say_team) with useless comments. Do not keep your mic open (music, broken mic..) *No Swear Swear allowed only for simple words and here i refer to f**k this game, a*s, t**ts, sh*t etc.., and not allowed against other players. ( time-ban/gag = 2h Max ) *No dis-respecting other players. Respect other players in the server and don't insult anybody, any excuses such "im just kidding" wont be tolerated. Do not insult someone or support and encourage someone to insult another one in reason of having fun or joking. (Not everyone likes this kind of jokes). The result will be either gag or time-ban. *No glitching Using any glitch (beyond map, unbeatable..) will lead to a ban  *No blocking blocking (doors, hallways, tubes..) will lead to a ban *No teaming Ts and CTS can't help each others play the game as it must be     Best Regards  RoZ Team
    Steam group
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